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12 October, 2016

Are We Related: Willett

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The purpose of this post is to collate comments of the type “Are We Related .. to the Willett family” (as detailed on this blog)”. This is one of a group of pages collating “Are we related” type comments, which are intended to either:

  • document how we are in fact related, or
  • collate remarks about non-relations to act as a point of reference for other families which may, in this case, share the Willett surname.

Where comments have been moved from another post I have inserted a reference to the original post. I have also inserted a summary and link to any work I have done on the suggested relationships.

Below are two fairly long and detailed articles about my line of Willett Ancestry (to the William Willett of Daylight Saving Fame) – a briefer post about Willett Antecedents summarises some of the relationships.

The two articles are:

  1. How I am related (through an adoptive line) to the William Willett of Daylight saving fame. He is my Great Great Uncle, so I need to trace back to his father (also William Willett) and thence to him.
  2. Checking out the structure of the family at the beginning of the 19th Century – This may assist those who having proved a relationship to “Daylight” Willett want to get back into deeper Willett ancestry.


  1. Moved from page Introduction

    I happened across your family tree of Josiah Box and Elizabeth Stiles when researching my Kreamer family line (my father’s line) and was amazed to discover a link to the Willett family (my mother’s line) – still need to see whether it is the same families and where the link occurs if there is one but thank you for publishing the tree 🙂

    A possible double relationship!

    Comment by Eve Thirkle — 10 November, 2010 @ 9:54 pm

  2. Moved from post Willett Antecedents

    My father, Mr Arthur Lawrence Clifford was born in Raynes Park Wimbledon in 1909. He maintained, that William Willets was an uncle, and told of his daylight saving proposals. He took us to Chislehusrt in 1960’s when we were children, I would be interested what relationship there was, and if anyone could find out what it was between Clifford and Willets, Corrigan was a name late 19th from Cork, they left Ireland in 1900’s. Mr Clifford family were burried in Battersea, Richard Clifford was in the navy, living in Sloane Square, Chelsea, Don’t know who his wife was or his father or mother was, If anyone has any information on the extended Willets family that would be of great interest. Any one got any ideas ?

    Comment by Noel Clifford — 14 May, 2011 @ 7:22 pm

  3. Moved from post Willett Antecedents

    Amazing. My partner is Ashley Willett, daughter of Ian Willett who is the son of Frank Willett. Frank, who is now in his 90s talks of his grandfather William Willett, hence it brought me here. Is there a family tree that takes us to today? I would be very interested.


    Comment by Dean waddell — 29 March, 2015 @ 9:53 pm

  4. Moved from post Willett Antecedents

    My mother’s maiden name is Willett, her father Edward Willett I do believe is William Willett’s nephew and William Willett the elder’s grandson.

    I was always told as a child by my grandfather that his father’s family were builders. My grandfather spent the first few years of his life in Hendon in a large house where his older sisters had a governess. My great grandfather John Willett suddenly disappeared when my grandfather was a small child and rumour has it that he committed suicide by throwing himself in the Thames, leaving my great grandmother and 15 children destitute as he had spent his entire fortune, hence the suicide.

    I have recently been reading about William Willett and his father William Willett the elder and finding it so interesting. The strangest thing is William Willett the elder, the founder of Willett builders was born in Colchester and his parents were Innkeepers there.

    My family are all from London, but in 1957 my grandfather Edward Willett and my grandmother Beat Willett moved from Romford, where I was born and became Landlords of a public house In Colchester where they remained ’til they died. I came up to live in Colchester when I was 21 and am still living there now.

    Now here’s the really odd part! Up until two days ago while researching Willett Builders I had no idea that William Willett the elder was born in Colchester and that his parents were Innkeepers, the public house in question The Queens Head no longer exists, apart from the builders it has ironically now become an estate agents and is literally up the road from where I live!

    My attempts to research a relationship between these two lines of Willetts are so far unsuccessful.

    Comment by Jacqueline Turnbull — 22 April, 2015 @ 11:30 pm

  5. Moved from post Willett Antecedents

    I believe that Everard Willett born 1804 is my great great great grandfather as my grandfather Edward Hersant Willett was second cousin to William Willett of Daylight saving fame. My great grandfather was John Thomas Willett b 1865 and his father was John Willett. I am trying to piece it altogether but finding it very confusing.

    I live close by to the grave of Joseph Willett In St Andrews Church Colchester, but didn’t move here ’til 1984 not realising until a short while ago that the Willett family had roots here, I am originally from Romford and always thought that my mother’s side of the Family the Willetts were from London, my grandfather was born in Hendon.

    My attempts to research a relationship between these two lines of Willetts are so far unsuccessful.

    Comment by Jacqueline Turnbull — 26 April, 2015 @ 10:54 pm

  6. Moved from post Willett Antecedents

    Hi My grandmother always said that her great great grandfather was William Willett – Daylight saving .
    She was born in Guildford to Ellen Good and William Willett in 1899 She was called Elsie Willett and lived in a house with Nellie Willett and Frederic Willett. I am trying to find out the conection to the Willetts from Farnham Surrey

    Comment by lucy Rogers — 25 May, 2015 @ 8:54 am

  7. Moved from post Willett Antecedents

    This is spooky…
    I’m also a relative to Chris Martin and William Willett…
    the same information you guys have been told from your family was said to our side…
    our family also from London (Wimbledon)
    We are still piecing all the information together. There is a good chance we are related somewhere!!

    Comment by stephen willett — 10 March, 2016 @ 6:48 pm

  8. Moved from post Willett Antecedents

    Edward Hersant Willett was my great uncle. He was my grandmother’s (Gladys Taylor nee Willett) youngest brother. He operated the “Newmarket Tavern” (now gone) in Colchester. Eddie and Beat took over the pub from Harry Taylor who was the eldest son of Gladys Taylor and the brother of my mother, Janette Noack nee Taylor. Harry and Bette Taylor then took over the the “Flying Fox” (now gone) on Harwich Road. I have many fond memories of the “Newmarket” and the “Fox”.

    My attempts to research a relationship between these two lines of Willetts are so far unsuccessful.

    Comment by Roger Noack — 11 October, 2016 @ 7:39 pm

  9. Have used your website a couple of time as I investigated my Willett family tree. The stories about Lewis and Wilfred in the First World War were very touching. Thank You.

    My Great, Great, Great Grandad was John Willett – who was William Willett Snr’s younger older brother and therefore I think we share some lineage. I have also got some photos of George Willett who was William Willett’s cousin if you are interested.

    I now live in Tunbridge Wells and I am setting out for a walk after work today to find Major Lewis Howard Willett’s house as I see he lived here also.

    Amazing how history comes back to find you sometimes.

    Stay safe


    Comment by Lee Willett — 2 June, 2020 @ 3:02 pm

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  11. Moved from post Willett Antecedents

    Does anyone have a Clarissa Violet May Willett in their family line. She passed away around 1975ish

    Comment by Andy Hodge — 1 April, 2024 @ 12:19 am

  12. Yes, I do – after a bit of research! Clarissa’s ancestors fit into the Willett Antecedents diagram above between Sarah Willett and William Fenning.

    Sarah had a slightly younger brother Joseph who married Ann Gilders. They had 10 children including:

    • Joseph Willett who married Emma Cockrell/Cockerill who had a daughter Ada (one of 10)
    • George Willett who married Clarissa Blowers who had 9 children including
      • William Robert Willett – who married the above Ada
      • Clarissa Violet May Willett

    Further details can be found on a new post Clarissa Violet May Willett

    I may redo the above diagram sometime – the original is on an old computer in an old software format – that I can convert, but it may be easier to start from scratch.


    Comment by David — 17 April, 2024 @ 2:17 pm

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