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12 October, 2016

Are We Related: Index

The one of the most common types of comment I get on this website is of the “are we related?” type. Sometimes we are, sometimes we’re not! If we are we can exchange research; if not we can at least be clear about how we are not related.

The purpose of these posts therefore is to try and collate such queries and either:

  • document how we are in fact related, or
  • collate remarks about non-relations to act as a point of reference for other families which whilst unrelated may still share a surname.

A status of “Unrelated”, of course, is subject to revision by further research and discoveries – usually of earlier ancestors.

To achieve this I will try to curate comments from other posts into these pages.

For instance around the time that the clocks spring forward or fall back I get a number of comments about the Willett family and possible relationships with William Willett – the advocate of daylight saving.

These comments can get added to a number of posts – I suspect the choice of post is as much down to which page Mr Google and his indexing engine initially serve up than any attempt on my part to organise this blog.

So if you are trying to determine whether you are related to someone in my family, please feel free to comment – against which ever post you like. However they may end up appearing in the following pages:

  • Are We Related: Faulder
  • Are We Related: Willett
  • Are We Related: Norman
  • (Other pages will be added here as necessary)

If your family is not in the above list but you believe that you may be related, please feel free to add your “Are we related?” comment to this post.

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