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24 March, 2016

Research & Other Work Agenda

Taking stock of questions to research, itches to scratch, and development work to do.


  1. Family Reconstructions
  2. Specific People
  3. Website Development


18 August, 2010

Potential Ancestral Links to Groups of Overseas Faulders

The Faulder surname appears in various parts of the world:

  • Canadian Faulders (mainly in Ontario and Alberta)
  • American (United States of) Faulders (mainly in Ohio – linking back to Sebergham in Cumberland – and Pennsylvania)
  • Canadian citizen, Joseph Stanley Faulderopen new window executed in Texas
  • Australian Faulders (mainly in New South Wales – again linking back to Cumberland)
  • New Zealand Fauldersopen pdf window (based on BMD data)

Review of World War One records in the above countries is currently revealing more information.

17 August, 2010

The whereabouts of Joseph Sewell and Emily Faulder at the time of the 1891 census.

Joseph Sewell and Emily Faulder do not appear to be in the 1891 census.  It may be that they were abroad (possibly together on business).  (more…)

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