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24 March, 2016

Research & Other Work Agenda

Taking stock of questions to research, itches to scratch, and development work to do.


  1. Family Reconstructions
  2. Specific People
  3. Website Development

  1. Family Reconstructions

    1. Disentangling the various strands of Faulders in Cumberland in the later 18th / early 19th century.  In particular can I discover if the two Robert Faulders (i 1746-1799, ii 1770-?) who (sequentially) married (i 1794, ii 1803) Catherine Blaylock (1773-1809) are related?
    2. Tracking the Faulders back from the mid 18th Century; in particular is the Covenenters origin provable?  There are a large number of Faulder families in Annan, Dumfries in the 19th Century.
    3. Is there a link with the Faulders in Hertfordshire?
    4. Were the Willetts Huguenots and if so can we trace back further than Everard Willett b1804 in Colchester?
    5. The background of the Williamsons in Ireland.  The family group William Blizzard Williamson (1812?-1878) and his wife, Elizabeth (1815?-1892) and his first son, William Blizzard (1840-1895) were born in Ireland according to English Census records. They first appearing in the 1841 English Census – so they were not famine migrants.  The indications are that they were from Cork, but whether that is where they were born or lived or “where they came from” in terms of port of embarkation is not clear.  The History of Metal Box (WJ Reader) hints that they may have been Plymouth Brethren.  Family “myth” indicates that they suffered religious persecution and may even have been physically assaulted.  The 1861 English Census also lists a Thomas Williamson, “nephew” of William Blizzard Senior born in New Jersey in 1845.  Family sources also indicate that George Henry, William Blizzard (snr)’s second son (1845-1918) may have fought in the American Civil War (1861–1865) – possibly alongside Thomas.
    6. Can James Clark (b ~1824 Great Bowden Leicestershire) and his wife Elizabeth Ann (b ~1832 Moulton Northamptonshire) be traced back to Parish Records?
    7. Various questions arising from discovering the genetic ancestors of an adopted child.
    8. Documenting and Organising the various comments along the lines of “Are we Related” into some form of useful structure.
  2. Specific People

    1. The reasons for Joseph Sewell Faulder (1844-1903) migrating from Cumberland to Huddersfield.  He (and probably his future business partner, John Stothart) appeared in the 1881 Census in Huddersfield.  The firm of Stothart & Faulder, Woollen Merchants appears to have existed in Huddersfield from 1874 to 1903 (When JSF died).  JSF and his wife are missing from the 1891 Census (but the children are with their Grandmother (Story) in Cumberland).  Stothart & Faulder Nautilus Serge starts to be advertised in New Zealand around this time – were JSF and his wife travelling in April 1891?  When JCF died he was at Moorhouse Hall in Warwick Bridge back in Cumberland.
    2. Where was my Grand-father (Harold Faulder 1885-1918) in early April 1918 in between being posted from the 4th Entrenching Battalion and arriving at the 1/4th York and Lancasters.  Indications are he was on the staff of a General Armitage, but where and doing what?
    3. Why did George Lendrum (1831-1896) migrate from Aberdeenshire to Huddersfield?
  3. Website Development

    1. Repair the Mapping Pages. These stopped working after changes to third party software. I am currently looking for a more robust system
    2. Rehost the Photograph Pages. Google is withdrawing its Picasa system in favour of a system that does not appear to support captions and comments as well. I would like to find a third party host for photographs – if only to keep down the storage and bandwidth demands.
    3. Review options for making family trees browsable. The large family pdf files have been moved to a password protected area – again to protect bandwidth demands. Use of a family tree application is under review.


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