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16 October, 2016

Are We Related: Willetts of Colchester and Abingdon?

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This post is in response to comments about possible relationships between the Willetts (from Colchester – as researched elsewhere on this website) and a line of Willetts who appear to come from Abingdon, Berkshire.


15 April, 2014

Faulder Family – England and Wales Distribution

Although I have been concentrating on my own line of Faulders (who I can trace back to North Cumberland in 1754), I am taking an interest in other lines because they may eventually give a clue to my line further back.

I have also been working with GenMap UK an application that will map Genealogical Data. This has helped me get a view of where there are major groups of Faulders. (more…)

23 February, 2012

The Williamsons in the United States

The 1861 Census for England and Wales shows a Thomas Williamson born 1845 in New Jersey, United States.  He is listed as a Tinplate Worker staying in Worcester (England) with his uncle William Bliz(z)ard Williamson. (more…)

18 August, 2010

“Faulder” Arms

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Arms granted to a Faulder

Arms granted to a Faulder

There are arms linked to a Faulder name.

However, arms are granted to an individual and his legitimate male heirs – not to a surname. Can we trace the individual to whom they were granted?

The General Armoury* describes Faulder Arms as Ar. three chaplets vert, roses gu. Crest-On a mountain a beacon inflamed all ppr. Translated this reads as Silver, three green garlands, roses red. Crest – On a mountain a beacon inflamed – normal colours. My interpretation of this is on the right. (more…)

The origin of the Faulder family

Widespread belief that the Faulder family is from Southern Scotland

  • Emigrated possibly during time of the Covenantersopen new window (1638 onwards)
  • A number of signet rings in the family have an image of a flaming beacon.
    • Belief that the family may have been involved in maintaining Armada beacons.
    • However, beacons were also used in the north to warn of Scottish invasion.
    • Beacons could also have been those used for navigation assistance.
    • Others have suggested a reference to pillaging by Reiversopen new window.

17 August, 2010

Other descendants of William’s paternal Grandparents (Robert Fa(u)lder and Anne Jackson)

Robert’s Will refers to four children (Mary Newby and three minors). (known family treeopen pdf window).

  • Mary Faulder – who married William Newby (1778): four possible daughters – not traced
  • Robert Faulder – who married Catherine Blaylock (1803): Only one known adult son William – well traced
  • Ann Faulder – little known
  • Unnamed minor son – I now believe this to be Thomas, whose daughter Isabella married John Norman (the brother of Thomas Norman who married Mary Faulder, daughter of the first of Catherine Blaylock’s marriages).

Ancestors of William Faulder

Further work into the Faulders in Cumberland per 1837. In particular were the two Robert Faulders married to Catherine Blaylock related? (speculative work in progress open pdf window).  At this time life becomes complicated by the variable spelling of the surname.

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