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27 May, 2017

Identifying the Fells at Huddersfield

Family of Robert & Martha Fell

Family of Robert & Martha Fell at Somerville, Huddersfield

I came across a photograph believed to be of the Fell Family. A count of the people was consistent with Robert Fell and his wife Martha (née Keighley) and their children and the spouses of those children.¹

Robert and Martha had eleven children – all of whom are believed to have outlived their parents. Eight of them married.

Three faces have been pasted (old fashioned scissors and paste!) into the picture* – the two characters directly behind Robert Fell and another standing at the back on the left. * Or more accurately the negative – my print is a single sheet without pastings. (more…)

21 December, 2010

Research Note: Google Ngrams

(This post is more in the nature of a genealogy diary entry or research note discussing a potential line of interesting research.)

Google in their attempt to “capture all information”, have been digitalising huge numbers of mainly out of copyright books (more than 5.2 million).  Now they have introduced a tool to try and analyse this corpus of data: Google NGrams.  This allows you to graph by date of publication the occurrence of a word (or even selection of words).

So for a genealogist, the logical thing to do is ego-surf – stick your own surname in the tool and see what comes out. (more…)

18 August, 2010

Potential Ancestral Links to Groups of Overseas Faulders

The Faulder surname appears in various parts of the world:

  • Canadian Faulders (mainly in Ontario and Alberta)
  • American (United States of) Faulders (mainly in Ohio – linking back to Sebergham in Cumberland – and Pennsylvania)
  • Canadian citizen, Joseph Stanley Faulderopen new window executed in Texas
  • Australian Faulders (mainly in New South Wales – again linking back to Cumberland)
  • New Zealand Fauldersopen pdf window (based on BMD data)

Review of World War One records in the above countries is currently revealing more information.

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