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12 October, 2016

Are We Related: Norman

The purpose of this post is to collate comments of a “Are We Related .. to the Norman family (as detailed on this blog)”. This is one of a group of pages collating “Are we related” type comments, which are intended to either:

  • document how we are in fact related, or
  • collate remarks about non-relations to act as a point of reference for other families which may, in this case, share the Norman surname.

Where comments have been moved from another post I have inserted a reference to the original post. I have also inserted a summary and link to any work I have done on the suggested relationships.

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  1. Moved from Page Introduction

    Awesome infomation guys, found you on and old family tree goiing back to 1579, I’m the norman side though, thomas blaylock norman is my great great grandfather. Do you know any info on the gardhouses?

    Comment by frankie — 9 March, 2013 @ 8:19 pm

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