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25 August, 2010


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  • Privacy of User Comments
    • This site is hosted on a server under the control of the site owner. It uses blogging software that is hosted on the same server (so comments are not held on third party blogging websites). The server is UK based.
    • This site uses spam control plug-ins. I believe these operate by passing comments through software held on third party servers (probably outside the UK or EU) before returning an indication of the spam status. I expect that these servers retain information about comments flagged as spam (the comment itself, the claimed name of the sender, (optionally) their website and their IP address) in order to tune their spam detection functionality.
    • Spam control plug-ins utilise software algorithms to automatically decide if a comment should be flagged as spam. The “spam bin” is periodically subject to a human review resulting in the spam being manually deleted or marked as not spam.
  • Privacy of genealogical data
    • Where possible family trees have been truncated so as to not show the generation which still has living members.
    • Elsewhere details relating to a living individual have been kept to a minimum.
    • Please let me know (with specific details) if you feel your privacy is adversely breached by any part of this site.
    • It should be noted that it is possible, using (often free) public access websites, to discover personal details such as peoples’ places of birth and mothers’ maiden names. Care should be exercised when using such details for passwords etc.

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