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18 August, 2010

The family links with the Woollen trade in Yorkshire, especially Huddersfield

There are various members of the family who have been involved in various aspects of the textile industry, most notably with the Woollen Industry in Yorkshire in particular the firm of Stothart & Faulder open pdf window in John William Street, Huddersfieldopen new window.

  • Various links with textile industries in Cumberland (although most of family was involved in Agriculture).
  • Both William Jackson Faulder and Joseph Sewell Faulder were apprenticed as drapers in Carlisle, the later probably to his future father-in-law, a draper.
  • Joseph Story and George Arthur Story (Joseph Sewell Faulder’s brother-in-law) also worked in the industry.
  • Joseph Sewell Faulder as partner of John Stothart (neighbour in Huddersfield).
  • John Faulder (brother of Joseph) was also involved (initially with his brother in Yorkshire, later as a Draper in Carlisle). His daughter Alice also worked in the Carlisle shop.
  • Sarah Faulder (sister of Joseph) married a Manchester draper (Robert Telford).
  • Harold Faulder (son of Joseph) involved in the Industry prior to WW1 initially in the UK (working for John Edward Crowther, and then on his own account) but from 1913-1915 at Peacedale, Rhode Island.
  • George Bertram Faulder (son of Joseph) was in partnership (in the UK) with Harold before WW1 and after (with Philip Crowther, son of John Edward Crowther).
The Stothart & Faulder Building, 78 John William Street, Huddersfield

The Stothart & Faulder Building, Huddersfield (Photo © David Faulder)

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