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6 September, 2012

Faulders mentioned in BBC Who Do You Think You Are

The 5 September 2012 Edition of (the BBC Series of) Who Do You Think You Are? featured the singer Annie Lennox.  Her Great Great Great Grandmother, Mary Rose, was the “Natural Daughter” of a James Rose (Church terminology for illegitimate).  It seems that a few months after the birth of Mary, James Rose married an Isabella Faulder.  That caught my attention!

This all happened in Banff (North East Scotland) and I had not been aware of any Scottish Faulders in that part of the country (most are in Dumfries).  The Church marriage record shown on the programme clearly said Faulder.

Doing some quick initial desk research (mainly using the LDS IGI) it appears that the only Faulder entries are for Isabella’s marriage and subsequent the birth of three sons.  I could not find a birth for Isabella Faulder – nor could I find births for the three daughters of the marriage mentioned in the programme as appearing on the 1851 Census – the sons were not mentioned in the programme.

Broadening the search to allow for Faulder/Falder/Falden, found a birth for Isobella Falder to a Robert Falder and Isobella Milne, a brother James and a further 3 sons and a further daughter of the Faulder/Rose marriage.

There is as yet no obvious link to the Cumberland Faulders.

In the programme James Rose is portrayed as a bit of a villain – at first sight marrying a women (Isabella Faulder) a few months after you have fathered a daughter by another women does not look good.  That daughter then shows as a widow and pauper in the 1851 Census, living just around the corner from James Rose and his apparently comfortably off family. Then when that daughter dies a few years after her husband – leaving five children without parents, it looks as if he and his wife stayed aloof apart from his sister taking in the youngest daughter – probably as a 10 year old servant -it looks even worse.  There may have been other (positive or negative) evidence not shown.

A partial family tree shows the link.


  1. Hi, while researching my Rose’s (not this James) I came across your site and thought you might like this extra info

    According to the Annals of Banff by William Canford 1898

    James Rose solicitor and Isabella Falder buried three boys in Banff cemetery

    • James died 30 Jan 1833 age 2 years 4 months
    • William died the next day age 5 years 5 months
    • 2nd James died 3 May 1836 2 years 8 months

    Comment by kerry a collins — 4 January, 2019 @ 1:39 pm

  2. Kerry,
    Thanks for this information; it is interesting that the alternate spelling of the surname has been used – as was used for her birth record

    Comment by David — 4 January, 2019 @ 7:35 pm

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