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17 August, 2010

The Family of Eileen Fell

  • Eileen Mary Fell was a first cousin of my paternal grandmother, Marjorie Fell Faulder (née Lendrum). Her mother Elizabeth Fell was a sister of Eileen’s father Henry Fell.
  • Eileen was shown by Marjorie Fell Faulder (in her notes) to have married a Paul Cuthbert Petrie, but I could not find a reference to this marriage.
  • I could however find a reference to a marriage to a Steinthal – but not to his death.
  • It turns out that Paul Steinthal had changed his name during WW1 to Petrie (his mother’s maiden name).
  • Searching through on-line sources such as the London Gazette and the London Times plus being provided with photographs of a family memorial helped identify Eileen’s descendants and their immediate cousins.

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  1. […] In World War One, their children changed their surname to Petrie (see The Family of Eileen Fell) […]

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  2. I have just read your article on the web about the family of Eileen Mary Fell. She was my great aunt, as my grandmother was Edith Petrie. My mother being Peggy, eldest daughter to Telford and Edith, and the only one of the four children still alive! It is fascinating to read another version of the family history. My cousin Sarah Marshall is the instigator of this, and will be in touch with you too in her own time. If you would like to hear any more please do contact me. Jane

    Comment by Jane Lane-Roberts — 10 May, 2013 @ 10:08 am

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