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18 August, 2010

Tom Clark’s Family Album (all believed deceased)

Believed to Be Thomas Clark

Believed to Be Thomas Clark

Photos (together with reverses to aid locating & dating) in the Album originally owned by Tom Clark (now in care of Liz Clark*). Families likely to be Clark, Pearson, Faulder, Sewell. In addition other names (e.g. Telford, Pattinson, James) linked to the family appear in the album.

* Liz Clark is descended from Isabella, William Faulder (of Brisco)’s 2nd daughter – who married a Thomas Clark. After Isabella was widowed she kept house for Thomas Faulder, William Faulder’s 2nd son (No1 died young). It is likely that Thomas Faulder inherited most of William Faulder’s documents and Isabella then inherited from Thomas Faulder.

Included in these photos may be the oldest photos we have of “our” branch of the Faulder Family. There are also photos from William’s half family (from his mother Catherine Blaylock’s 1st marriage to a Robert Faulder).

Liz Clark & I have agreed to make this album public so that it shows in Google Search and others can help with identifications. Thanks to Liz for lending this album to me at 1st meeting! Also to Eleanor Hodgson for many identifications. DSF

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  1. p37 photo 1 front is, I believe, a shot of George Moore, a wealthy merchant and well known philanthropist in his day.Do a google search and you will find plenty of pics and info about him. I am descended from Thomas Faulder b 24/6/1838 @ Braithwaite Cumberland; d.1897 in New Zealand. Thomas Married Dinah Isabella Plaskett – George Moore’s niece or great-niece. Does the presence of George in this album indicate a link between our families? Please contact if you think so.

    Comment by Matthew Gray — 10 August, 2011 @ 10:17 am

  2. George Moore (1806-1876)

    I have yet to find a link between Thomas Faulder of Braithwaite and my line of Faulders. Inclusion of a photograph in Tom Clark’s album could be circumstantial evidence, but there is also a photo (page 39 photo 2) of the Duke of Edinburgh and his wife (formerly Grand Duchess Marie of Russia) and I don’t think they are related! I suspect that this album is a mix of family members and photocards of sundry worthies and notable visitors to the area. Now is George Moore (picturered – I agree it looks like many photos of him) in there because of a family connection, or because he is a “worthy”?

    Comment by David — 10 August, 2011 @ 12:42 pm

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