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17 August, 2010

Review of Faulder Families in Cumberland

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Initially concentrating on Faulders born in Cumberland (and their descendents) as detailed by the censuses of 1841-1911.  This work is being held on Ancestry.co.uk.  There would appear to be about five strands of Faulders in Cumberland.  By charting them it is possible by matching some people to unrelated strands to be certain that they are not part of our strand.  Unless, of course, tracing their ancestors gives a clue to ours!

See also existing pubic domain work on surname distributions in 1881 and 1998 open new window

The Origin of the Faulder Surname

  • Suggestion that “Faulder” is a corruption of “Folder”, one associated with (Sheep) Folds.
  • However, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) suggests that the modern word “Fold” (as in “A pen or enclosure for domestic animals, esp. sheep”) is derived from the Old English “Fald” – this would suggest that it is the “Fold” spelling which is the corruption.
  • The OED entry for “Fauld” also gives the following examples (amongst others):
    • 1788 BURNS My Hoggie ii, The lee-lang night we watch’d the fauld, Me and my faithfu’ doggie.
    • c1470 Henry the Minstrel, The actis and deidis of the illustere and vailßeand campioun Schir William Wallace v. 177 Twa scheipe thai tuk besid thaim of a fauld.
    • 1802 R. ANDERSON Cumberland ballads 49 Auld Marget in the fauld she sits.
  • The Scottish Tour guide, Sandy Stevenson, notesopen new window that “fauld” is an alternative Scots word for “field”.
  • Also within Scottish phonology, it is noted that “auld” often reduces to the modern “old” – again supporting the argument that “Fold” is a corruption of “Fauld”.
  • An alternative derivation of the surname is that it is derived from a maker of “faulds”. A “Fauld” is the piece of articulated armour that straps onto the bottom of the breastplate. It usually consists of two or four flared pieces called lames. (Example (bytheswordinc.com)open new window)

The Location of William Faulder and his descendants during the period 1841-1901

A chart of William Faulder and his descendants showing time on one dimension and locations on the other.

Chart of People by Place and Date open pdf window

The Descendants of Robert Faulder and Anne Jackson (m 1754)

The marriage of Robert Faulder and Anne Jackson in 1754 is the earliest record (in Parish Registers) that I have found for the main Faulder line.

Family Treeopen pdf window

The Descendants of Catherine Blaylock (b 1773)

Family Treeopen pdf window showing the two half families descended from her two husbands (both named Robert Faulder).

See also: The Parents of William Faulder (b 1804)

The Parents of William Faulder (b 1804)

When I first started tracing my ancestors I found there were alternative suggestions for William Faulder’s parents.  William was my Great Great Grandfather. (more…)

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