Faulders outside the Genealogy Studies

This page is a collecting page for information about other Faulders not connected with the genealogical studies on other pages. It may also be used for disambiguation. It is arranged in three sections; Other registered internet domains using the Faulder name, Other current or recently deceased Faulders (who have some form of web presence), and Historical Faulders.

Currently Registered Faulder Domains 

This list is provided for information and no opinion is expressed about any of the organisations listed.

Website not currently in use; email is used. Registration details now redacted
Not currently in use. Registration details now redacted
.name is a specialist top level domain reserved for use with OpenID
faulder.org | faulder.org.uk
Alternative addresses for this website
What used to be an alternative address for this website before the stupidity of Brexit
Not currently in use - but offered for sale at £1000 + VAT! (Was £5000) Registered to Registration Transfers Ltd of Dunstable

davidfaulder.com also .co.uk
Opticians of Kensington High Street London.
Character Animator
Musician based in the United States
British Creative Designer
Estate Agent Patti Grossman Faulder, of New Orleans, USA.

Faulder Appliance Services Pty Ltd in New South Wales, Australia
Faulder Consulting Pty Ltd, Geoff Faulder, Financial Technology Consultant in Victoria, Australia

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Other Faulders 

This list details some of the current or recently deceased Faulders who do not feature on the genealogy pages.

Joseph Stanley Faulder
The story of Joseph Stanley Faulder executed for Murder in Texas. A Canadian citizen he was denied consular access for 17 years - and that is just the beginning of the tale

Historical Faulders 

Robert Faulder (c. 1747 to 1815), Publisher and Bookseller of Bond Street, London
Publisher of Paley, The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy, 1785.