Huddersfield Addresses

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  • Faulder: Joseph Sewell Faulder moved to Huddersfield from Cumberland
  • Lendrum: Marjorie Fell Lendrum married Joseph Sewell Faulder's eldest son Harold
  • Fell: Marjorie Lendrum's mother was a Fell
  • Brierley: The Brierley family is believed to have known the Lendrum family. Sidney Clifford Brierley wrote to Marjorie Faulder after her husband was killed in 1918.
  • Crowther: The Crowther family was a mill owning family for whom Harold and George Bertram Faulder worked.
  • Stothart: Joseph Sewell Faulder was in partnership with John Stothart as Stothart and Faulder, Woollen Merchants
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